Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Child Within by Rebecca Davis

I had the opportunity to get off site this past week and attended the Lead 3.0 Symposium in Redondo Beach and connect in real time with some "LeadWilders",  Anne, Jonathan, Jon, Amy, David and other AMAZING educators.  Conferences are a special time for me to reflect on the various roles in my life, such as parent, spouse, school administrator, educator,  friend and the child within. Stop! Say, What? Yes, the child within! 

Inner child, Spirit, Heart, Soul, Passion
What is my reason I do what I do each day? What motivates me to make a difference in the world in which I live? How do I welcome the day? 

When I was fourteen, an old eccentric parish priest gave me the following advice: if you cannot see an adult as a child, something is wrong. I was confused by the statement and I still am baffled at times. However, at that specific moment, I was concerned about forgetting what it would be like if I was old and forgot what it was like being a child. I never wanted to forget my childhood experiences because, if I did, something would be wrong with me. Therefore, I have many memories of my school, family and church childhood experiences. I wanted to make a commitment to advocate for children as an adult. I wanted to remain "child-like" to understand children and have an empathetic heart.

As a Vice Principal, I get the opportunity to "remember" my childhood and talk with students throughout the day. I am amazed at times how I can remember feeling bad when I was labeled or not recognized for making a good choice after twenty times making a bad one. I look at my students and I understand. I get it. I want to embrace the child within to guide them and help them make better choices.

Today, I make a choice. I will meet with the child for the twenty-first time they argued with their teacher, and smile. I will also look forward to the time, whether it's tomorrow or a month from now when the student makes a good choice and I have the opportunity to celebrate with them.  I will be ready to give a high five, both to my student and to the child within. 

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