Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Voxer? It's more than just voicemail! by Jason Markey

The following post is from Jason Markey with audio for the #leadwild crew.

Several years ago I recall hearing about Twitter and thinking it was one of the silliest ideas I have ever heard and decided to wait until the initial buzz died down and it went away.  It didn’t.  I have tweeted over 30,000 times since.

About a year ago I remember hearing more and more people talk about Voxer and how they were using it all the time and had moved many of their conversations from Twitter to this space.  Again I didn’t get it.  Why would I want to listen to messages, often the convenience of Twitter and email is that I can read it and I don’t have to stop and listen.  That is a convenience but there is often a level of conversation that cannot be reached via the written/typed word.  In fact the many nuances in the spoken word are what you quickly see as an advantage of Voxer.  So thanks to a fantastic PLN, here are their words (spoken, not written) on why Voxer has been a powerful tool for them.

*Note - the following posts were recorded initially to use in a presentation.


  1. Completely agree! Voxer has been my go-to professional development for the past six months. Great post!

  2. Okay, I just downloaded Voxer, It looks like I can only communicate with a handful of people, however (those of my contacts who already have Voxer), so how do you get connected to the wider community in order to participate in chats like this? Thanks for the help!