Sunday, April 19, 2015

What does it mean to #leadwild? by Eric Saibel

Powerful rivers begin as small trickles, wending their way down mountains, at first drop by drop. When the droplets converge they gather strength; movement that is at first imperceptible to our senses becomes audible in its downward cascade - sometimes deafening. At first, water must find its way around the many obstacles in its path; eventually, it shapes the landscape around it.

Ideas become reality in much the same way; a thought emerges first as a lone droplet, and grows through contact with others. In the fall of 2014 a couple school administrators - who had connected through Twitter - decided to use the Voxer app as a way to share and discuss professional readings. The first name for this small group was "Leadership Book Club." After a few earnest attempts to get started, it became evident that there wasn't the time or capacity to do that kind of serious reading on top of jobs, families, and the many rapids of life.

There was, however, a deep desire to continue to grow the small stream of ideas as a source of nourishment, inspiration, and growth - both professional and personal. As this group expanded, it began to understand that a singular focus was too narrow; the collective curiosity, experience, passion for learning and commitment to shaping the educational landscape of the future was too strong. The name this group eventually came to adopt reflects the spirit of the untamed river - a place where life flourishes, where new trickles of water join and expand the collective force of our forward movement:


LeadWild is a state of mind and a way of being. Powerful educational leadership does not come from a title, rather from the connections we make between people and ideas, the strength we help others find in themselves, and an incessant commitment to pushing forward through stagnant, comfortable tradition.

What does it mean to #LeadWild? Our growing stream of school an district leaders answers below in our inaugural post; our first droplet of water in a growing stream of thought, action, reflection, experimentation, and innovation.

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